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Here is a Jagte Raho Party, which is an embodiment of common people, who are apolitical and ...
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  Letters To Kejriwal
Letter to Kejriwal of Formal Team Anna
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JAGTE RAHO PARTY registered with Election Commission of India. Regn. No - 56 / 154 / 2010 / PPS-I w.e.f. a 9.11.11.


How to retain power through naked use of state machinery.

This web – site is the story of a bahurupi genius Modi, who has been openly & successfully abusing & misusing state machinery to retain the power and thereby blunt Indian constitution. The initial steps taken by Election Commission reveals the game. The final result will be the test to measure how sound is the Indian democracy. 

Success & Failures of Modi
National Scenario
Development in Modi's Raj
Corruption in Modi's Raj
Education in Modi's Raj
Health in Modi's Raj
Exploitation of Youth
Modi's MLAs
Urban India
Proposed Reforms by JRP
Donation (Dhan-Sangrah)
Bahurupi Modi

Use and Throw


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