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Let us make our lives tension free. After all what causes tension? Traffic, bad roads, noise pollution, poor environment, corruption, impurity in drinking water. Besides, social and home management issues, there are problems in office. The first six items are managed by Municipal Corporation. Home and office management are under your control, whereas, above six civic items (issues) are under the control of Municipal Corporators and Corporation administration. Therefore, the solution is to have honest, apprite “Managers” i.e. Corporators, who can manage civic issues efficiently. But the Corporators and Municipal administrators are by and large corrupt. Their actions not only cause tension but make citizens pay increasing taxes. The solution is why not elect corporators, who are social service minded and have clean track record? Jagte Raho Party, a party with a difference, verifiable by its track record, will be contesting ensuing Municipal Corporation Election, schedule to be held in October 2015. I, therefore, appeal to my fellow citizens to come forward and offer their services either as volunteers or as candidates for contesting elections.

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